St. James Church

St James Church, Burnopfield

Church of England
Diocese of Durham

St. James Church, Burnopfield is your Parish Church if you live in Burnopfield, The Leazes, The Lintz, The Hobson and Crookgate Bank and Dipton.

Revd Andy Miller was as installed as the vicar of the Benefice of ‘Tanfield’ with ‘Buropfield & Dipton’ on 11th June 2015


andy portrait Dear All ,

As I write, it was only yesterday that I was installed as Vicar of Tanfield with Burnopfield and Dipton, and what better way to begin these, my first words as Priest in this Benefice, than by thanking you for the fabulous welcome that you gave to me and my family. The service was both moving and joy filled for me, and I hope for you as well – and as for the spread afterwards in the Church Hall, this was frankly amazing both in terms of its variety and size. I am touched by all the effort made on my behalf and I am hopeful that this will be but the first of many such happy occasions that we will celebrate as a church family during my time here, (although I suspect that I will need to get my cassock taken out if there are too many more of these incredible bun fights!).


As any of you who attended the service itself will know, in his words to us from the pulpit, Mark, the Bishop of Jarrow also served up food – in his case food for thought. His sermon was one in which he challenged us, as I begin my ministry amongst you, to work together for the good of our communities; for the good of the people of Tanfield, Burnopfield and Dipton. I will never forget his call that we truly get to know these places where we live, to find how we can serve them best, and through our actions and words, become a real blessing to those that we find ourselves alongside. But, more than this undoubtedly hard demand, what I will most clearly remember from this sermon is the call to look upon the people we see around us every day with “the eyes of Jesus”; the call to love and cherish each person that we meet, no matter how they act, or who they are, as Christ loves and cherishes them.


This is clearly something that will require time, effort, and the need to think about everything that we do in our church lives at present in great detail, as by doing this we can decide how we can best focus our efforts to allow blessings to flow to those around us. More than anything though this is a task that can only be achieved on our knees in prayer – prayer that God will help us to be and see as Jesus Himself did and does. As I think about the task ahead, I wonder if this prayer may be helpful for all of us over the next few weeks and months together.


Heavenly Father, at this new stage in the lives of our parishes, we pray to you for guidance. Give us wisdom to know your will for our lives and the lives of those people around us. Give us compassion to look upon our neighbours in love and to see what our communities need. Give us humility to put others first and to hold our own needs more lightly. Help us to look upon Tanfield, Burnopfield and Dipton with the eyes of your Son, Jesus Christ and to see how we can truly bless these places that we love, now and in our futures together. Amen.


If by the time I have left this place I can say that together we have looked upon and loved people as Jesus did, blessing our communities in how we have lived as Christians in this region, then I think that we will have done the job that God has called me here for – which I think is certainly a good reason for another one of those hoped for celebration feasts!  Andy


Vicar: Revd Dr. Andy Miller

Parish Office: 01207 270261

Church website: www.stjamesburnopfield.org.uk

email: stjamesburnopfieldanddipton@yahoo.co.uk

Durham Diocese: www.durham.anglican.org

Twitter:  @StJBurnopfield


Map and Directions

You can find the Church via the link below across the top of the Google map at the corner where Syke Road forms a T-junction with the B6310.

Click here for a larger version.

The Week Ahead


Monday 5th to Sunday 11th October 2015

19th Sunday after Trinity



Holy Communion – 9.45am



Coffee Shop – church hall 10.30am-12.03pm



Holy Communion – 8.00am

Parish Communion – 10.45am (note new service time)

Still Service – 6.00pm



The Lindisfarne Gospels




Services & Prayer Days at St James

Sunday Worship

8.00am Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

10.45am Parish Communion (Common Worship) – note new time of 10.45am from Sunday 6th September onwards.

Thursday Worship

9.45am Holy Communion

If you can’t get to church on Sunday morning then why not come along to this Thursday morning Communion if you are in Burnopfield during the day time?



The Still Service

On the Second Sunday of each month at 6.00pm

Still is a time to give space for God, space for prayer. A time to pause and consider in the hustle and bustle of our lives. Still will be based around Night Prayer/Compline with stillness, quiet, space, candles, silence, short readings, recorded music and simple prayer.

Still Logo


 Julian Prayer Group

The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month in St James Church at 2.00 pm & 7.30 pm

It is a service lasting about 40 minutes, starting with a short meditation followed by a piece of music leading into 30 minutes of silent contemplative prayer.  A piece of music follows the silence, and ending with a short prayer. 

Click on the image below of Juilan of Norwich to find out more information about this tradition.

julian of norwich







prayer diary shell



A monthly Prayer Diary for the Parish of St James Burnopfield with Dipton


“Pray in the Spirit at all times” Ephesians 4:18a

St Paul explains to us that as Christians it is our pleasure, but also our duty to pray. Christ too took Himself away to quiet places to pray to His Father, God.

Ways to Pray

There are many ways to pray

In your prayers you may like to use the following basic structures

  1. Prayer for the day and its tasks: Prayer for the World and its need: Prayer for the church and her life.
  2. Say sorry to God: Say thank you to God: Say please to God.

You can pray holding a cross, or a stone, or with beads or a rosary. You can look at a picture, or icon, or a view. You can go for a walk. You can pray with, or without words.

Please use the prayer diary below as you see fit during your daily times of prayer, there are 31 sections, so one area of church life that you may decide to focus upon each day.


Date Area of church life
1 Vicar
2 Churchwardens
3 Reader
4 Authorised Pastoral Assistant
6 Organist and choir
7 Liturgical Assistants, Eucharistic Ministers and servers
8 Sidespeople and welcomers (Baptisms, weddings, funerals)
9 Readers and intercessors and those who prepare service sheets
10 8am congregation
11 10.45am congregation
12 Messy Church helpers and attendees
13 Julian Prayer Group
14 Still Service congregation
15 Thursday service congregation
16 Dipton Manor Care Home Service
17 Leazes Hall Care Home Service helpers and attendees
18 Church cleaners and flower arrangers
19 The Friday Coffee morning helpers and attendees
20 The Mother’s Union
21 The Men’s Group
22 Those to be baptised in the parish and those who have been
23 Those who are to be married in the parish and those who have been
24 Those who have been recently bereaved in the parish
25 Those who receive Home communion
26 Those who maintain the website and Facebook page
27 Retired clergy who serve the parish
28 Deanery Synod, the Area Dean and other Deanery Clergy
29 The Bishops and Archdeacons
30 The worshipping community at St Margaret’s Tanfield
31 Everyone who has visited St James’ church this year


If you want to know more about prayer within the Church of England then

click on this link for help & ideas on Prayer




St. James Church, Burnopfield is your Parish Church if you live in Burnopfield, The Leazes, The Lintz, The Hobson and Crookgate Bank.