Talking Jesus: Northern Bishops in Mission

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Talking Jesus: Northern Bishops in Mission

Durham Diocese 2nd – 5th March 2017

Talking Jesus is something that some of you may have heard about a lot over recent months, but equally for some it may be completely new; so what is it?

As the subtitle for this event suggests it is an opportunity for we in the Diocese of Durham to unite together in locally organised mission – or more simply to “talk Jesus” alongside the Bishops of the Northern Province, to those people who we live and work alongside here in the Parish of Burnopfield and Dipton; and indeed across the Benefice in Tanfield as well – because yes, this is a diocese wide event. Overall 15 to 20 Bishops in 14 or 15 teams are coming to Durham Diocese, with the plan being that they will speak to people alongside teams of other clergy and ordinands (people training for the ministry) from Cranmer Hall in Durham, at events that we as a parish have decided to put on and invite people from our communities to. And as you can see this event is one that spans the four days above, from the 2nd to the 5th of March.

So what are we in our parish doing? Well we have two events planned for the Talking Jesus dates, both different in nature, but ones that we hope people from our patch would love to come to and take part in, and that a Bishop or other team member can use as an opportunity to speak to people in a light and gentle manner about faith, and following Christ.

First of all on Friday morning beginning at 9.30am in our church Hall on Front Street, in recognition that one of Burnopfield’s favourite sons is cricket legend Colin Milburn, we will be holding a soft cricket event to which the Year 2 classes of both of the Primary Schools in our parish have been invited to take part: those then from Burnopfield Primary and Collierley Primary. At our invitation the schools have invited parents, grandparents, friends etc of the children who will come and play, to watch the cricket; but anyone and everyone, and not least those who would usually attend the coffee morning in the hall are also more than welcome to come as well. After the children have shown their skills with bat and ball, and we hope the Bishop and/or other teams members too, there will be refreshments and also displays about Colin Milburn to enjoy, as well, of course as the words that the Bishop or team member will chose to share with us.

Secondly, on the evening of Friday the 3rd of March beginning at 7.00pm in the Sun Inn pub in Burnopfield, we will be holding a quiz night to which any and all are invited to come and stretch their brains alongside the Bishops and their teams. Again the few gentle words from the Bishop or team member will be said alongside the bar snacks and pints during the break in proceedings before the answers are given out.

So that for us is Talking Jesus. Two events that we hope the people of Burnopfield and Dipton will love and come along to and at which we and others, possibly Bishops will be able to join in with as well, not least so that we can be talking about Jesus with those around us who we would just love to get to know Him better and join us in worship.

And finally if you would like to help with any of these then please do get in touch with me – but most of all if either of these seem to be the sort of thing that you could enjoy please do come along and join us.









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