Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism & Confirmation at St James

Would you like to be prepared for Baptism and/or Confirmation.  For adults and Year 6 children and above.  Have a word with Revd Andy Miller.  Confirmation is about making a commitment of faith and also is preparation for the receiving of Communion.

Tel: 01207 270261


Follow this link for more information about baptism within The Church of England

Baptism (also called Christening) at St James






Contact Rev’d Dr. Andy Miller if you would like to ask about Baptism (also called Christening) for yourself or for your child at St James Church.

Baptisms normally take place at 12.30 on a Sunday.  Baptism can also take place as part of the 10.45am Parish Communion.

Follow this link for more information about confirmation within the Church of England



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