Dear All,

“It’s good to talk”. If you are of a similar vintage to me, then you will no doubt recall this catchphrase from the advertising campaign for BT, fronted by the late Bob Hoskins. The truth is that even though that campaign was on our TV screens over 20 years now, such a sentiment is clearly still true, although admittedly probably in a way that no one could have imagined at the time that the cockney hard man actor was trying to get us to use the telephone. For now, of course, we talk to each other via all sorts of media – texting, Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter (and check out the church account to see what a twit the Vicar is making of himself!), to name just a few. And yes, some people even use their phones as phones to talk to one another, or still others actually meet up and do it face to face!

For over 2000 years Christians have known that it is good to talk to God. Jesus, who allowed the world to see at first hand God Himself, revealed this truth via His constant periods spent in prayer with His Father, as the Gospels state on many occasions. And, even more than this, Jesus commanded His followers to pray. Ask, seek and knock He told them, and us, when it comes to our relationship with God. And of course, He told His followers, then and now, to use the Lord’s Prayer to speak to Our Father, who art in heaven.

It is for this reason that we at St James try to take and offer such opportunities for prayer to those in our parish. And they are numerous, above and beyond the times available during our services. Our Julian Prayer Group, alongside the church being open every Wednesday between 2 and 3 o’clock, for example. Or the new idea of “Pitter and Patter”, on the last Saturday of the month at 10am – a litter picking prayer walk around the villages of Burnopfield and Dipton, to name just a couple.

It is “good to talk”, good to talk, not least, to God. So why not come and join us at St James to do so. Maybe making May, a time to pray, to our Father in heaven. A time to share with someone who we know will listen.








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