Home-made jam for sale

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There are some home-made jams for sale at the side of the Church (where the Tradecraft used to be). The varieties are Plum or Rhubarb & Ginger; both are £2.50 per jar with the proceeds going to the Church Maintenance fund.

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Used postage stamps

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As we enjoy many Christmas cards sent to us, let us not forget that Pat is collecting used stamps for the Leprosy Mission Charity.  Could you put the stamps in the box with picture of stamps on top that is situated at the back of the church.

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Since Harvest it has been decided to continue our support for the “Foodbank” with donations of food to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  If you have any foodstuffs that were on the harvest list and would like to donate the, please place them in the white basket at the back of Church.  Periodically this will be emptied and taken to the Foodbank.

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Key Register

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For insurance purposes we need to update the register of key holders.  If you have a key for the Church Hall can you please let Jennifer know.

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Baking stuff – box at back of church

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to help offset the cost of baking cakes & pies, donations of ingredients such as sugar, flour, dried fruit, chocolate, cake decorations, tins of fruit (to make jam or marmalade), tins of corned beef for pies and coffee & tea bags will be gratefully received. Unfortunately, fresh food items are not suitable to be stored.

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